Navigating the Playground

Welcome in today.

My name is Blake and I am going to go through the playground

navigation and just show you how to use the tool a little

bit, especially navigating the playground.

So when you get into copy the app, you have actions here

to create a new project to view old projects that you've

saved or to see recent runs that you've gone through with

these different things.

What you've done recently.

Now those are just the actions here.

You also have the ability to come in and add your project

name. So I'll call this tutorials.

This is welcome here.

That's really just to welcome you in right now.

Sometimes we use that for different reasons.

And then you've got your profile right here, which right

now just has that information.

We're building that out as well.

Information that you need to know right away.

The playground is where you get results.

View saved is where you view what you've saved.

The input and output language can be adjusted accordingly.

So for example, for product descriptions, if I want to input

in English, but I would like French results, I can do that.

And then I just run the tool given my inputs, which I already

had pre populated.

But normally you would need to do that yourself, and within

a few seconds it comes out in French.

That's one lever that you can push.

I'm just going to keep the default here to English so we

can all read this navigating even further.

You're going to see the name of the tool will change up here

every time there's a new tool.

That's the main thing that will change.

A lot of the prompts are similar and require similar information,

so that won't change.

There are also tips on using that particular thing, examples

of that and then tutorials for the overall product.

So this is more general within the actual part of the tool.

You're often going to be asked to give an optional name to

your product idea, brand whatever you're trying to create

copy for and then describe it in further detail.

Then it's up to you to run the tool.

You also have this option to get a little bit more targeted,

but that is for another video.

The final thing that's really important to note here is along

the left hand side.

You have all of the different tools.

There is nothing hiding everything that is currently published

and live is here.

The most popular tools are listed up here.

This is based on our entire customer base, so this may not

be the most popular for you, and it will not change for you

specifically at this time.

This is in general the most popular tools that our customers

use, and we can shift towards any tool that we need to for

a different use case.

So if we're trying to create a list of call, we can create

a list of call around copy AI and given a little bit of information

we can actually pump out full on list of different things

related to copy AI, and we get a lot more specific as well.

We can write thank you notes.

We can write short text hooks, so this is great for coming

up with a social media post ideas or things like that.

We can rewrite a sentence with keywords injected so we can

inject a keyword right here knowing that this needs to be

a copywriter, this can actually take this and make it a little

bit more keyword friendly for SEO purposes.

So there is no limit to what you can do with the tools, but

tutorials will exist for every single tool.

That's not what this video is about.

So the quality of these examples is really just to show you

how the tool works, as opposed to going deep into how to

use these different tools.

And in a nutshell, that is the playground.

Anything that you want to do with these tools is fair game.

The more specific and human you can be in your inputs, the

better it's going to produce results for you.

And that is how you use the playground.

So if you do have any questions, feel free to email us or

DM any of the team members on Twitter, and we will answer

as quickly as we possibly can.

We do want to make this work really well for you.

That's the goal we want to help creators create more.

Thank you so much for hopping in here, and we look forward

to what You create.

Here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of our tools!

CopyAI is built on the world’s most advanced language AI: GPT-3.
When you think about artificial intelligence, you might imagine futuristic technology, but GPT-3, at its core, is about humans. It’s about understanding and replicating how humans communicate with each other.
And that means it's a collaborative process.

Here’s three things you can do to better collaborate with CopyAI and GPT-3 in getting the best possible copy for your project:

1. Write longer, more in-depth descriptions.

The simplest way to get better results is to give CopyAI more to work with.
The more specific your instructions, the better the AI will be at creating something powerful and helpful for your business.

2. Keep clicking!

Every time you click “Make Copy” in CopyAI, you are going to get brand new results! If you don’t like what you get on the first try, try again!
Trying out different descriptions will help as well. You get unlimited attempts with CopyAI, so go crazy with it and see what you can come up with!

3. Pull out your favorite pieces.

Did you know that CopyAI was modeled after how human copywriters create great copy?
Professional copywriters will brainstorm hundreds of ideas and then pull out their favorite phrases and words to build the final version.
That’s the best way to use CopyAI! Let the tools do the brainstorming for you, and then you can pull out your favorite pieces to build and polish a final version with your touch to make it your own.
If you're still struggling to create great copy, email us at chris@copy.ai