How to improve your landing page using AI

Apr 8, 2021 04:27 PM
In this training with Neville Medhora, we go over several real-life landing page examples the audience!
Live with Neville Medhora!

We're going to be talking about landing pages today, especially

reworking in real time some of your landing pages ahead of

time. Through all the announcements and everything, we've

made, it clear you could submit your landing page for a chance

to actually be entered into this webinar here, and we'll

rework some of your copies.

So a few lucky people will have that opportunity first.

I do want to give Neville a proper introduction, and I know

a lot of people are going to be asking if this is recorded,

so let me just nip that in the bud right now.

Yes, this is being recorded.

It will be shared via YouTube.

The full clip also, tiny clips throughout this webinar will

be shared so you can consume it However you want after the

fact if you have to leave early.

But I do encourage you to stay on as much as possible.

So let me just share my screen and we can dive into just

a little intro about Neville.

Nothing too crazy.

I think you all pretty much know them at this point, and

let me know that you can see this screen right here.

That reworking your landing page screen.

Neville, can you see this?

I can see it.

All right, cool.

I am just going to go.

Let's see.

Let's just present it here.

Go full screen for just a minute.

All right.

Reworking your landing page with Neville Medora.

Very simple agenda today.

I want to introduce him.

I have a slide after this to do that.

We want to discuss landing page best practices at a very

high level.

According to Neville, maybe some things that Neville, you

really like to see landing pages, some things that you think

are big mistakes, that'll just be a tiny portion to the beginning

will ask you some questions.

Also, a little bit of how you use Copy AI for this to make

it easier.

But then really, the meat of the session is point number

four. Here.

We're going to dive into real time examples and walk through

some of your landing pages and rework some of that copy.

If there's time at the end, there will be a Q amp a So gather

your questions in the comments and I'll try to keep track

of them as best as I can.

And we can dive in at the end.

There just a tiny tidbit about Nevil.

There's so much more to him than this, but just the very

basics. You're the founder of Copywriting course com, which

means you are a copywriter.

Also, maybe even more well known as an entrepreneur.

Just a couple of examples of your entrepreneurial work.

You have a partnership with AppSumo and the Hustle.

So you work with companies like this.

There's a ton more.

So if you want Nevil to give even a brief spiel about anything

else you're working on, that's totally cool, too.

I'll give you the chance to do that because I know this is

pretty slim.

Me take over it here or if there's anything you're working

on right now that you want to add it on here.

That's cool.

I just got this very high level.


I mean, I think one of the things I noticed a long time ago

was that copywriters good copywriters generally don't work

as copywriters, right?

They're not going to be called.

I think youre a good copywriter, but you're not going to

be calling yourself a cowriter copywriters.

Usually someone that can tell a larger audience usually accumulate

an audience and tell them about different companies, products,

promotions, allthat kind of stuff.

And so I have been involved with the app.

So the Hustle and then a ton of other companies I'm invested

in, and all I do all day is just kind of like retool pages

for different companies, different industries.

And one of the tools that we started using I'd say about

these are probably 15 20% of the time, which if you think

about how many we do is pretty good.

We started viewing copy a 15 20% of the time, and as time

goes on, we're probably going to use it more and more and

more. So I'm excited to show people how we use it and then

also rewrite people's pages on the spot.

And I I have no idea what is we're looking at either this

guy on her yet.


We're going to do this in real time.

I want to make sure that the people that submitted are actually

on this call so that they can really get in there with us.

Yeah, I don't know exactly either.

And I think it's comforting for a lot of people to know that

a copywriter such as yourself is comfortable using a tool

like copy AI that uses AI to generate copy.

That might be actually reassuring to some of you to know

that this should not be seen as something to replace you,

but more to supplement and help you be more creative.


Do you see that a lot?

Because I've seen it a ton in the copyrighting industry where

people get from agenda and old, and they're just like they're

like, Oh, but the pen is mightier than the blob way.

You're just like, use new tools.


If there's a new tool that helps you, why wouldn't you use

it? Right?

You have access to exact everyone.

Yeah, exactly.


We see it all the time and copywriters are coming in droves

to use the tool because the tool is not meant to replace

that person whatsoever.

The whole goal is to help people create more stuff wether

that's. Well, business.

I will whenever need any tools.

Yeah, that's true.

I can if you don't adapt with it.

So I want to start out with some contextual questions, actually,

really quick Nevil.

I do want to give you a chance here to keep this a little

bit lively.


Is there, like, a weird fact about you or something.

You're really good at that.

People don't know about that.

We can add on to this introduction here because this is all

the fun stuff that everybody knows this stuff.

But what's something weird that people don't know.

I could do a handstand pretty well.

I mean, I'm 38 years old and I can still bust out a minute

long handstand.

I think that's kind of cool.

Very impressive.

I've done all sorts of experiments back in the day.

My hair has been like eight different colors over the course

of time.

I remember I wanted to see what it was like to be homeless

so slightly.

After College, I went homeless to see what it was like.

I've done a lot of crazy experiments my parents weren't Super

happy about, but later, if that was pretty cool, I love that

actually getting this image right here on this slide going

through Google Images, I did see, like, four or 5 iterations

of your hair color, so I did see the blonde one.

Yeah, not a very professional person.

I've never had a real job before.

It's not something I'm proud of.

It just happened that way.

I never had a real job, so I don't think it's a good thing.

I just think that that might be the future too.

Like many people coming up, these kids are 12 years old on

Twitter. Who knows if they're ever going to have a real job.

Yeah, it's kind of cool because that definitely was not the

norm. When I started, it was kind of weird to see someone

as an entrepreneur.

Now it's just like everyone can do it, and it's kind of awesome,

for sure, for sure.

All right, well, Let's dive into the topic at hand here.

So landing pages really quick before we dive into the examples,

which, again, will be the bulk of this session.

I want to really quickly just pick your brain on landing

pages in general, what are some of the things that really

catch your eye on landing pages?

Or maybe you have examples that come to mind to make you

sale? I don't care about anything else.

Doesn't make a sale right?

High converge when qualified leads come to it, do they buy

from it?

That's all.

I don't care if it's pretty.

I don't care if it's long.

I don't care if it's ugly.

I don't care if it's mobile friendly.

I don't particularly care about any of that.

The ultimate goal is to make a sale.


So that's what we want.

We either want to capture an email.

We either want them to click a certain button.

We want them to call a phone number.

We want them to purchase something and add it to their cart.

That's the goal.

I don't care about all the other stuff.

So when people say, like, long, short ball, well, it depends.

And it doesn't matter, right?

If it makes a sale, it makes a sale so that's like my short

and always work backwards when you're trying to do stuff

like copywriting.

So people say, is this a good email?

I'm like, I don't know what's the goal of the email does

it accomplish that?

Then it's a good email.

So there's many different ways you can do a landing page.

You can even be Super unique.

In fact, that's encouraged.

And if it makes a sale, it makes a sale.

I don't particularly care what the landing page looks like

feels like.

Well, it's interesting when I look at copywriting copyrighting

course com, for example, your style, even on your YouTube

channel, it's like these stick figures.

It's not this meticulous design with the glass morphism and

all the new stuff that's out there.

It's just stick figures.

And so I'm curious how you do what we know that.

Look, Blake, we've done that before.

That's the crazy thing.

So right now, if you go to my copywriting course com, you'll

see, it has it's not even a good gift.

It's a gift of like, a stick figure guy pointing, and it's

not even good.

You can see, like lines of gradients and weird artifacts

on the gift.

The point is, guess how high this converts, though.

It's 10.

So that means of 100 people that come to this home page 10

or 12 sign up every time 100 people show up.


So that's a pretty damn good conversion rate.

And we've done many different tests.

In fact, I've published all the tests we've done, and whenever

we made it look more professional, it didn't do as well.

And so we're just like, like I said, I don't care what it

looks like or anything.

It's just like, does it work?

Does it do its job?

And Ironically, this horrible looking stick figure over here

does the job better than whenever we just put my face there

or me saying, like this or some professional looking copyrighting

thing. And I think it's because it jars people out of it.

People seek stuff that's new, that's novel that's unique.

That's a little bit different, right?

That's helpful.

And so whenever they see this, they're just like, Whoa, wait

a second.

And then also, do you notice a couple of subtle things that

are going on in this page?

Like, for example, how do you know where to look?

Well, humans are really good at following other people's

eyes. So if you notice a stick figure is looking at the tech,

and then the point he's pointing at the things.

So you actually look at it.

There's a lot of subconscious stuff going on over here.

But if a page is converting at 10 to 12% and nothing I've

done can beat this.

I'm going to put this one up every time.

So this begs the question, then, is this person right here

your ideal person?

And what is this person's name?

You know, I used to do that where we Select, like a Bob,

where we make this generic person.

The problem is with that is now you're making this generic

person. And also, I think that advice started coming up,

like in the 70?

S where you really had no way to contact your customer a

lot. Now, guess what?

A lot of my customers just follow me on Twitter, right?

So if you want to sell to that kid, that 12 year old programmer

kid Barrett, how you say, Yeah, if you want to sell to him,

follow him.

You know what?

He acts, right?

You don't need to guess and say, like, Oh, he's this age,

and he can use these programs.

I don't really do that quite as much.

I actually think of individuals now, whenever I think of

a persona.

And in fact, I try to write for myself for the most part.

And guess what?

I am the target audience.

So that makes it very easy.

So, for example, with, Asimo we'd be writing emails that

go out to a million people a day or so.

And the thing is, we're just like, we did this customer research

where we're just like it's.

So all over the place.

Come on, late.

I'm sure you look at Copy AI and you're like, the founder

of this, and then someone that's just getting started.

That's 15.

It's like there's not a lot of overlap.

Other than that, these people use a computer.


There's not too much overlap except generic stuff.

And so what I noticed a long time ago is if I'm the target

audience, I'll just write for me.

And that always works the best.

So for AppSumo, I was definitely the target audience for

us. And it just made writing a lot easier when I could be

like, well, I'm just gonna write for myself.

I think that's the easiest, in my opinion.

I want to get into some of the negatives to really quickly

here. So maybe using yours as an example, if this is the

optimal one conversion rate wise, what are some of the things

that you actually went in with?

Assumptions that, Hey, this might actually work really well,

but then you ended up cutting out because of the data set,

otherwise. Well, I think one there's like a curse word.

It says, hell in there.

So that's one thing, right?

And then it also doesn't look professional.

So that's the biggest critique, right?

It doesn't look Super professional.

So what I've noticed with that is that it sometimes doesn't

quite matter as much.

So Here's the thing.

We actually made this thing called Copywriting for Business

a while ago that totally flopped.

And what it was was I wore a suit all the time, which is

not my standard attire.

I wore a suit address, real professional.

The hair was not a weird color or anything like that.

And I spoke in proper terms.

And you know what?

It turned out like, it turned out really more.

And Ironically, it was like, none of the big companies we

wanted to sell to bought it, but they did buy the copywriting

course, the list of big companies like Facebook and Google

managers and stuff like that that have bought copywriting

course, even when it was spelled with K and we used to use,

you know, back in the day we see some more flowery language

that I don't think would be acceptable anymore.

And they bought it.

They still bought it.

And it was kind of weird, like actually having the Cork made

us more money, which I didn't expect.

I thought just being like, boring and stayed would make more

money in the long run.

And in my experience that did not actually turn out.

And so there are some people out there who are very boring

and stayed.

And it worked in corporate America for a long time, and they

probably will do better with some of the larger companies.

But for the mid size and small companies, we do pretty well.

That's interesting because I am thinking about a lot of the

companies that I work with, whether it's an agency or just

in my own consulting would be, quote, unquote boring industries.

And I am curious.

Just really curious before you move on to the real time examples

here. I am curious your thoughts on if everybody should try

to really have some kind of personality or if the personality

the company truly is boring, should they try to be something

they're not just to make it more appear there's other boys

out there for you.

There's other people out there boring.

If you write about boring accounting stuff, there's other

boring accountants out there.

That one boring account and stuff.

Not everyone's like some wacky guy that you need to appeal

to. In fact, I think like, Oh, God, I hate that word, but

it's a pretty good word.


It's just like just kind of be yourself generally works the

best, whereas if you try to fake it for a long time, one,

it's going to be hard too.

It'll come off as an authentic, and it always just sounds

weird. Let me get example of The Hustle because I think a

lot of your audience will know who the Hustle is.

So Sam Par started The Hustle.

It's big email newsletter.

It's basically like a tech pro takes the news for the day

and recaps it in email.

That's what it reminds me of.

And The Hustle is read by CEOs and very large companies and

tons of people from large companies.

And one of the most popular articles was they had someone

go to a bunch of LSD and see if it made them more productive.


That's not a typical type of topic that you would talk about.

But Ironically, those types of weird kind of out there, things

that are definitely maybe not completely work friendly are

the ones that make life fun and stick out.


So then you read Boring Insurance Company, and I tell you,

I've been hired by many boring insurance companies and they

write the worst email newsletters on the planet.

And and guess what?

They spend all this money and no one reads in one reads them

at all.


So maybe if they were willing to just get a little bit crazier

and juicier, that could be pretty interesting.

So I don't think you need to be crazy, but I still think

you can make any boring topic very interesting.

I remember one quick story before we move on.

Do you know what 1,031 transfer?

It's the most boring form in the world.

But I remember seeing in College this how I learned about

a 10 31.

Then it means when you sell real estate, you can put it into

new real estate within 90 days, tax free.

That's it.


It's a form you fill out 10 31 form.

That's the IRS code for it.

I remember seeing in College they brought in this guy who's

a 10 31 expert and I have never seen someone so pumped up

about an IRS score and he was going there, like, 10 30 ones

are the most awesome thing on the planet.

If you want to get rich over the course, we were lifetime

starting in College.

You need to do 10 31 transfers.

Here's how and he had all these documents, and he was so

interested. By the end, like 50 people in this classroom

were like, Dude, I wanted to 10 31 transfers.

He made the most boring thing in the world infectious and

interesting to a bunch of College students who didn't even

know what the hell a 10 31 was or had enough money to even

purchase real estate.

And so I always remember that.

And it was just like, really, like a guy could have been

like, 10 31 transfers or really cool, blah, blah, blah.

But he came in there and really made it exciting for all

of us.

And I was like, Wow, you can truly make anything exciting.

No, I don't think we work in insurance.

I bet there was a way to make that insight.

I can make it exciting.

Yeah, you can pump energy into just about anything, and confidence

will sell a whole lot.

Let's maybe try to pump some energy into some new landing

pages. Does that sound good?

Let's get visual here.

So I'm just going to kill the presentation here, stop my

screen share.

And then what I'm going to do evil is you can go ahead and

pull up your screen and start getting prepped.

I am going to go through here and I've got some landing pages

potentially lined up.

I just want to make sure that the folks that own them are

actually in the audience right now so that they can get the

most out of this.

So first one, that awesome.

So what I'm going to do, folks, everybody listening in here.

And, Neville, you've got that Google Doc as well.

Where you're going to be taking notes?

Yeah, I'm going to post a URL in here.

If you own this, please look at everybody.

All 103 of you.

Look in the chat right now.

This is the first one that I'm going to throw out there.

If the person that owns this URL is on here, please just

raise your hand really quickly.

And that way I know that we can go ahead and do this because

I do want people that are joining here to get the benefit

of that more so than people that haven't joined.

So Code Magic IO, if you own that, please just put a chat

in the chat.



Marie, Yes, we're on.

Okay, cool.

Alright, Let's do this.

Can she?

Come on?

Yeah, I'll add her as a speaker.

Okay, so Let's just jump right into it.

Okay, first of all, I don't care what this page looks like.

I don't care about anything.

What I'm going to do is a trick I learned from a friend that's

pretty high up at Google.

I learned this years and years ago, and what he did was he

can I curse?

He called it the big Fan button.

The theory.

So what he would do is he would load up a page and take 10

steps back from his laptop.

So not a very large screen.

He would kind of blur his eyes, open them for one second

and see if he knew what's supposed to happen right after.

And so right now I see that there's a start button and all

that kind of stuff.

So looking for a configurable CI CD with an intuitive AI

UI. Okay, so there's a little bit of buzz words here, but

I'm assuming because it's called Code Magic that they're

focusing on developers and stuff.

Test and trust social proof.

Toyota Schneider invoice Ninja.

Okay, so this looks really good, especially Toyota big company.

How Code Magic works.

Do interesting.

Okay, start building.

So the reason I'm letting some of this slide because it's

a little bit technical is because this is probably a very

technical audience that's going to be on this test automatically.

Get notifications, feedback, automate deployment.

Okay, I sort of know what's going on.

Trusted by developers, fully hosted.

And if you notice, I'm going real fast.

I'm not paying a lot of attention to each one.

React native flutter.

I thought this part is a little weird, but still looks pretty

good. Wow.

Maria Marie, sorry.

Great app here.

This great gift, customized workflow.

Set it up.

Okay, getting started.

Okay, this part is a little weird.

Getting started is easy.

Sign up today and deliver your apps in record time.

So which one am I supposed to click?

So what I'm going to do is work backwards.

What am I supposed to do next?

We got someone to land on this whether we paid or we got

them for free.

Now, what are we supposed to do next?

So I'll get to the copy a part in a second, but get started

free or request demo.

Which one am I supposed to do?

Marie, I'm not sure I understand.

Are they the same one?

Because 1 sign up in one request a demo.

I would probably make this a little bit easier to understand.

And Let's just do a quick experiment and see what happens

if we put this and copy AI.

So, Blake, which tool should we use in copy?

If we want to just redo this, like kind of a starting right

there, we can use the hero text or we could use short text

hook. That one can work for smaller snippets growth as well.

Yeah, that one can work.

It might be a little bit too high level.

See what happens.

See, we can see if not the short text hook can work or sub

header text might be a little bit more detailed.

Okay, deliver your apps and record to it's.

Kind of funny to deliver your apps in record time is kind

of the main proposition here, but what they have up here

is getting started is easy.

So I'm just actually going to say this the first way.

The first one that I came up with.

I'm going to put that at the top.

So deliver your apps in record time, sign up for a free trial

and just do that.

So I'm not sure why there's request a demo and get started.

Okay, so the problem with this, Marie, is that you're asking

people to do two different things and they might not be totally

sure which one to do.

So there's two solutions to it.

One you get rid of one of them.


Okay, so now they know exactly what to do, but the other

one is sign up for a treat free trial and start using immediately.

Sorry for I'm not going to correct spelling mistakes time

sake, and then the other thing you can do is I wonder if

we could say, want to speak with a sales rep.

Request a demo here.

Okay, so the reason that we're doing this is to make it very

clear on what they should do next.

So if I want to start a free trial and start immediately,

I click this.

If I want to talk to a sales rep, which maybe 20% of the

people might want to do, especially if they're a big company,

then they can go request a sales demo.

But all we're doing is we're making this just a little bit

easier to use.

And we actually, with the help of cock AI, I actually removed

a lot of the text, so there's a concept I always like to

call earning your pixels.

So I'm going to reload this page and look at the original

call to action.

Getting started is easy.

Okay, Blake, I have a gun to your head.

If I remove this from code magic, I do you think it's going

to affect anything?

Getting started he's eaten?

No, not at all.

Right, so he did not earn its Pixel.


It's gone.

So I thought, Marie, that deliver your apps in record time

was really good.

Let's replace that.

There we go.

So these are small little things that you can do that overall,

they start adding up.

Let's say this increases conversion by 1%.

Well, if you multiply that by 365 or multiply by all the

people that come to your website, which you have a 50,000

Alexa rank.

So you probably have a lot of traffic to this website.

That's pretty significant.

And it seems like your average order lifetime value of the

customer is pretty high.

So if you make this convert 1% better or remove one decision

from someone's decision making, then this is all worth it.

And then this I would normally say it's a little buzz worthy,

but I actually think.

Marie, I think you have mainly developers coming here, so

they probably understand what this means.


I can see you nodding.

So Yeah, I like it.

I dig it one thing we could probably do.

Like, what do you think you would do if we type this in?

Do you think I still understand it?

It might take it some different directions that don't actually

apply specifically to this product, but it should understand

it pretty well.

I like making you nervous.

Like doing it.

Live on the spot.

I wonder what will happen if we put this in here.

Let's just try it in case people don't know.

So this is honestly the way we have this members area where

we redo people's pages every day.

And one of the things we do with copy AI is I just type stuff

in. So for example, I don't know, and I'm kind of lazy right

now, so I don't feel like rewriting what she already has

over here.

So Let's just let GPT three do it and copy AI and see what

happens. So it might be garbage.

It might be cool.

The easiest way to test, deliver and build mobile apps.

Well, that's damn, that's pretty good.

Actually accelerate every step of mobile app development

process was asteroid, so it looks like it pulled in some

other company over there, everything you need.

So I actually really like this specific one right here.

So it could be interesting if you ever want to split test

any of these.

The easiest way to build test and deliver apps, something

like that.

So this is how I've started coming up with ideas.

And if you notice, I didn't like most of these, I only like

one. So maybe like one out of 10.

But the thing is, instead of me sitting there coming up with

ideas for hours and hours or minutes and minutes, it just

does it automatically.

So other than that, this is a pretty good page, and I think

the traffic proves it.

I mean, this is a high ranking page.

I think it looks great I love all the social proof.

This is something a lot of companies miss.

By the way, if you don't have social proof on your page,

you should put some.

So, Marie, great job.

And, Marie, do you have change stuff that's not working for

sure? Marie, if you have any questions, like anything that's

top of mind on your landing page that you just want Nevels

opinion on that we didn't talk about, go for it.


Thank you so much.

It's Super interesting.


The current headline is a precise quote of our users.

We tested different headlines from our users.

So that's why it kind of makes sense for developers.

But it was a really good point.

Why do we have to start now and get a demo?

There was a huge gap between if you make this sign up, if

you click on the sign up button, you don't actually make

the sign up because we are using the third party tool for

that. So it's like a huge round until you actually finish

the sign up.

So we had this assumption that because 70% of our users didn't

finish the sign up.

So there was this cap, and we were thinking that maybe people

want to see actual app before they finish the sign up.



So like I said before, either get rid of one of them or just

clearly state what they should do.

So the other thing you can do down here, so sign up today

requested demo.

You could say, talk to a sales rep s for companies, over

500 people, something like that.

You can even specify who you want to do this.

So if you are a company, that's not over 500 people, okay,

just get started free.

That's what you do.

You basically want to remove every decision I have to make

and you tell me what to do.

So imagine that you walk into a clothing store and I say,

I want you to show me men's ties.

Well, the guy generally a good salesperson, won't just say,

like, Oh, Yeah, we have ties.

Go find them.

He's not going to say that going to say, Let me take you

to the ties.

What kind of tie do you want?

Oh, you have this build.

You should get a skinny tie, blah, blah, blah.

He'll take you through the process and then set you on a

tie, hand it to you so you can go check out.

So Similarly on the web, we don't want to just show them

a page and hope they figure out we want to tell them exactly

what to do.

So I think you're almost right there.

I think overall, this is a really good page.

And even without our help, this would do really well.

But small little changes like that can do good.

Another random thing I can show you is is you have a lot

of good points over here.

It could be interesting to put bullet points.

I don't think this is necessary.

It's just bullet points make things really cool and they're

being more than 49,000.

Mobile app developers quickly build test, deliver a mobile

app faster and then maybe add one more thing used by over

20,000 companies in GitHub is made up.

But the point is this makes you look really awesome in a

tiny little square.

So I mean, even this tiny little square like this could be

the whole sales page right here.

Technically, right.

I love it when people sum up their entire company, just like

basically the size of an Instagram post.


Well, this is a good first example.

Thanks for playing along, Maria.

Appreciate you.

Thanks, Marie.

Thank you.

Appreciate it.

Alright, I got some cool company really quick level.

People are wondering what the tool is you're using to edit

in real time.

The site.

Yeah, everyone always asks that.

So it's this little JavaScript right here.

I'll drop a link to it.

Basically, if I go to copy AI or something like that, I have

in my BOOKMARKS bar over here a little JavaScript that I

can now say type, kind of whatever I want on most pages.

Blake, is that's true?

That should be the actual headline of Copy a.

Yeah, exactly.



There we go.

Yes, that's an awesome little just hackers added bonus of

this webinar.

We just all just got a free JavaScript to help out.

Okay, so I am.

I put one in there, nobody's answered.

So I'm going to try another one.

Anybody that is listening in here.

Here's another landing page.

If you own this, please hurry and claim it real quick and

I'll add you as a Speaker in 300 and 6,360 degree dealership.

So I'm assuming it's cars.

I'm seeing pictures of cars.

Hurry and claim it.

We'll move on to celebrate their business.

Care for Spin?

Does anybody own win?

3 60?

Do I put in the comments?

This one?


Alright, Let's try another one.

Pages are like pretty.

Okay, they're pretty good.

Yeah, another one.

We're going to try another one.

Alright, next, learn with pinger.

Do you want to try that one?

Which we can do.

Okay, hold on.

Okay, we've got two.

Okay, alright.

We can do in 3 60 and learn with Pingle really, really quickly.

Nevel, if that works for you, I'm going to add.

Let's start with.

Yeah, whichever one you want to get on the call.

That's even better.


Oh, okay.

So Let's start the pin Lur.


How do you say that?

So this is not a high traffic.

I'm just checking to relax a rank here so it's in the 3,000,000.

So it looks like it's a more newer site making self learning

quicker, better and easier.

Okay, request access.

Self learning, easy and efficient.

Okay, I think copy can help us make this a little bit better.

Blah blah blah.

A lot of text.

I'll do it tomorrow.

Okay, Here's what I'm going to do I'm going to put what I

call my caveman voice on.

And my caveman voice is, remember those Geico commercials

back in the day where it's like I had those dumb caveman?

They're really stupid.

And so I kind of put that on and I come to this site, and

most people accept the owner of the site, don't Super care

about all your copy.

So they're not going to sit here and read for a long time.

So making self learning quicker, better and easier.

I understand this part, and there's an image kind of vaguely

understand. You're showing me the back end of it.

Okay, got it.

But then I start going down.

And, man, you're making me read a lot.

Oh, my God.

I got to use my brain.

Angler makes self learning easy and efficient.

Well, you kind of already said easier.

So it's like, is this really earning its pixels?

Like you literally just said, easy up there.

Okay, now I just John Semi.

Okay, so, Yeah, you're kind of making me do a lot of work

over here.

You're making me reread this, and then you got kind of like

Gray text on a grayish black background.

It's obviously a little bit difficult for me to read Pingle

curate filters, organizes content available in short courses.

Okay, so this seems like a SAS software product.

And you know what I always love about SAS software products

as a copywriter.

I don't have to do as much work because I don't have to write

too much because you know what you can do with SAS show.

Don't tell.

So just remember, you don't tell angler show.

Don't tell.

So software is binary.

It either does the job or it doesn't do the job right?

I forgot his name.

That sense.

Why don't you show me an image of what's going on over here?

Like our content is hand picked after immense research to

organize for maximum clarity and efficiency.

Your tests on this content through hands on assignments and

other tests.

What if you just put a demo right there when you put a demo

question right?

To show that, like what's?

Two plus 2 forward.

If you answer the wrong question, it says it gives you a

suggestion. If you do that, they would intuitively understand

what's going on rather than having to read all this.

Also, man, you have buzzwords out the app.

There are so many buzzwords over here, so we rethought the

way self learning currently works.

Come up with a better solution.

Can anyone tell me what this actually means?

It's very difficult.

So when you say we rethought the way self learning currently

works and came up with a better solution, this doesn't actually

mean anything.

So what I would love to see from you is a demo of this, maybe

a before and after what a typical course is laid out versus

what one of the Pingle ones is.

So I would suggest that you go a lot more image heavy or

just get people into a demo right away.

Whenever I show people copy AI, I actually don't describe

it all that much.

All I do is I type stuff in, so I just type stuff in.

I go check this out.

We're just going to take some text and see what it does right?

So now Let's see what happens.

Landing pad.

I don't know if this is the right one to use.

Oh, that's kind of interesting.

Learn anything anytime or sub header tab.

Yeah, Let's try sub header.

There you text.

Try it again.

And by the way, you know how it ports over the text from

the last prompt you use.

That was my idea.

And Chris Paul.

Yeah, exactly.

Because I would use it and then go through all the different

how you a big thing every day.

I'm like, man, I'm thankful that I don't have to redo my

stuff exactly why I have to put it in learning experience

ever. So AI driven platform, it helps you somebody improve

and optimize your life.


So these are some ideas that you can do, but one of the things

I would suggest is just I don't think that this holds its

weight. I think you're making me read too much, and I think

you have an opportunity to showcase your product here, like

just show screenshots of it or a quick demo or preferably

a gift that shows why this is such a better experience rather

than I read this whole thing right now.

And I don't know.

Blake, do you understand this person?

I don't actually get what if I'm being honest?

The thing that gave me the most information was the header

image right there at the very top.

So most of what I know about this page is because I saw what

the platform looks like.

So I can guess a lot of what you're going for the text itself.

It's a bit generic.

So let me do a quick demo.


This is going to be really ghetto right now, but I'm just

going to do it on the spot.

And what we're going to do is I'm going to insert a drawing

over here, and I'm going to show you how I can take something

existing from your page and make it a little bit more intuitive

for people to understand.

So for example, you say down here we rethought the process

of self learning.

So what you could do is just take a little arrow or align

and say easy list of courses or something like that.


Easy list of tasks and apologize.

It's going to look really crappy and lame, but time sake.

So you got something along those lines already and I can

see. Okay, so there's a list of tasks.

So already the person knows that there's something to do

with tasks over here.

Okay, that's kind of interesting.

And then we can take another one of these things and say,

what are we going to say for mobile, we're probably going

to say works on mobile right?

So now I know that it works across any platform and semi

while he's doing this.

A really good example of this is base camp.

They do this a lot with all their products.

They will have images and gifts that have the arrows pointing

to every feature and describe them.

And so the context is all built in.

So that's an example you can look at.


So make and make, sell and manage horses semi.

I'm not really sure that this is what the software does.

I'm just kind of giving an example right now, but the point

is, the point is by simply making an image like this and

showing it, we now have a slightly better representation

of what your product does.


So I would say, since you are a software show, a lot of screenshots,

demos and stuff like that.

So show don't tell.

Wow, what a crappy image.

But already you can see the points that I'm trying to make,

that there's some cool stuff here that you can do and people

can see that and understand a little bit more about what's

going on, because right now you gave me this page, and now

I have to figure out, like what's happening here.

I see a picture of a bunch of boxes.

I don't understand it.

And Here's the funny thing is crazy, I when you build your

own website, it's impossible to give yourself feedback because,

Blake, I'm sure you've seen this.

You go to the copy AI website.

You've seen it a thousand times.

It starts just all looking the same.

So it's one of the curses of being a copywriter.

I can give advice really well, but when it comes to my own

site, I need to hire a copywriter to help me out.

It's impossible to see the changes.

So I would say, show.

Do tell.

I don't think this holds up.

I don't think this earns its pixels right here.

So Pingers features TikTok.

Okay, curious content for you in a fully organized manner.

You need to show it or something of this in action because

I don't understand what this means.

I'll do it tomorrow.

So, you know, it's easy to skip for one day or mindlessly

consume. Okay, but you got to show me this feature in action.


Show me how Pingle reminds you.

And I bet there's probably a screen or something and you

can use this format to say automatically reminds you every

day via text and email something like that.

So I would say, show, don't tell.

This looks cute and all, but I think I don't understand what

it means at the end, Unfortunately.

So pick a course, check your inbox, consume.

Test yourself.

But see, I don't intuitively understand what's happening

here. I'm like is like Pinger teaching me.

Am I uploading courses to it?

I'm just not sure what's going on here.

That's all about us.

I would probably add Pingers startup funded to serve founders

needs. There's just a lot of buzz words here.

I think it'd be best to talk about yourself and add some

social proof over here.

So four years experience working at Udemy, whatever, whatever,

whatever. Maybe make some other stuff that's more useful

right now.

It's like we envision the future with continuous learning,

which is done with conscious effort.

It helps people in the world develop every single day.

See, that kind of language that doesn't mean anything.

That doesn't mean anything.

It's all buzzwords.

And so I would say, really focus on just showing what this

product does, and that will help a lot.

This is a lot of buzzwords.

I'll just say it's a lot of buzz words.


Does that help?

I hope so.

Yeah, it does.

Thank you.


So you have, like, a quick question.

We're going to move on to the next one really quick here,

Nevile. But somebody, do you have one question for nebble

that wasn't covered?

Not really.

Okay, right now, this is basically a wait list page.

We don't really have the product ready, so there can't be

screenshots. Should I change?

Still put relevant gifts instead of all of these text?

I think so.

You probably have some of it ready, right?

There must be something.

The other thing is, it's like making self learn quicker,

better, and easier.

I don't understand who this is for.

So if you were to say stuff like this instead of Tingle,

make self learning easy and efficient.

Okay, cool.

But I still don't understand what you're saying.

So instead, if you said something along the lines of this,

what if you said Tingle is a better option for anyone who

sells courses online?

Okay, so now if I'm a course seller, this is better.

You say better than try us over teachable Udemy or Coursera.

So right away, I can understand.

Like, okay, so they're a course platform, right?

And then you could say we actively promote your courses.

Easy rating system, something, something, something.

So if you just put a few things there, I think this could

go a long way because a lot of this stuff, I would just honestly

just remove all this better option for someone self courses

and maybe show a screenshot of it down here with Markup.

Yeah, just be careful of using Buzzwords, right?

I bet, Sammy, that this is not the way you talk.

So I'll just take a quick screenshot of some of this over

here. I bet this is not how you describe it to people.

How do you describe Tingle to people in a few sentences?

Like most of the stuff I actually tell them.

So basically, if I were to tell you, it takes content from

YouTube, it puts it into a course.

Instead of finding actual creators in concrete, delivers

it to you through email, I message and work.

Okay, so at least kind of understand what you said right

there, that's how you normally speak.


So I would actually try to read this out loud.

And I bet this is not how you talk, right?

I bet you would not say we rethought the way self learning

currently works and came up with a better solution the way

you said it was much more clear.

So I'd say try to write like you talk.

So I would say it out loud and just put that on text.

I think that would help a lot.



I think we are running out of time on this end, but thanks

for participating, Sammy.

I look forward to seeing you because it's a software I think

you have an opportunity to show.

Don't tell as much.

It sounds like that would work really well.

Thank you.

Okay, I know we're kind of already there.

Do you have time to do one more?

Do you want to jump right into the Q amp?

A whatever you want.

I have a little time to run.

Okay, Let's just do one more in lieu of the Q and A because

they're probably a billion questions we go to.

So when 360 I is going to be the last one that we do in three

the dealership and I will pull it soar as well.

Okay, so in 360.


So the first thing I do spin for free 60 day free trial.


Okay, so first thing I do is I go through the page and I

try to see Care for Spin.

Okay, so I like how this is designed, and I like that there

is a car here because it's a car thing, but I'm not sure

what to do right here.

So care for a spin and then I can't click anything.

Like, I guess I can click this.

That's kind of neat, but like, you're not telling me what

to do.

So on something like this, I need you to tell me what to

do. Oh, man, my thing isn't working as well right here.

So I'm going to put it under.

I say Care for Spin, click the image crap.

It's not showing up rate.

I don't know if you can hear me, but you should be able to

kind of click click the card.

Yeah, the problem.

Hey, Alexa.


You're going to trigger all my devices foreclosure.

I'm sure you've heard that a million times.

Care for Spin?

I thought this is cool, but when I originally clicked it,

I was clicking on the card and I couldn't really see anything.

I think you might just want to say, like, click this is what

our listings look like, right?

I'm assuming that's what you're trying to get at.

Yeah, I wasn't quite sure of that.

So I'd say this is how a Win 360 listing looks like and maybe

have a feature.

So let me just put it on my Google Doc.

So I'd say Care for Care for a care for a spin and then it

would say something like, This is what 360 listings look

like. More interactive, more info.

I click through, click Rate, something like that.

So a lot of times they'll try to show you this is what our

listings look like.

Guess what?

I don't care.

But if you you tell me that there's a higher click through

rate and a higher chance of someone buying the car.

Now I'm interested.

Okay, remember, we're trying to sell the result.

The process doesn't really matter.

You know what one of the largest sellers of cars online is?

It's Craigslist?

And it looks horrendous.

So, like I said in the very beginning of this webinar, I

don't care what your page looks like.

I know it's slick and all that stuff, but does it actually

convert better?

So that's kind of what people care about.

So I think if you put something like that is what the six

listings look like, and then maybe had some bullets, more

interactive, more info, higher click through rate.

And then I'm just making this up.

But Let's say three minutes longer listing view than traditional

ages. So now we're talking higher, click through rate, more

chances of buying and longer listing views.

Now we're talking that's good stuff.

We haven't even gone down the page.

More drive sales with 360.

There you go.

You got some of that stuff already.

The demand for online care.

But now more than ever, 61% buyers spend on time immersive

experience. Okay, okay.

I like these bullet points.

That's really good.

Am I supposed to click the plus sign to cool hot Spot?

Okay, I get where you're going.

I'm a little confused, though.

Is the person that's using this?

Are they like a pretty text?

So we're selling the product to dealers where they take the

spin of the car, and they add the hot spots on the spins

of the different features, like engine, radio, etc.

And so but basically when a customer is looking for a car

and they see this on insert Toyota franchise name here, then

they can click on the hot spots and be like, Oh, this is

the engine.

This is what the radio works.

The ignition goes like this, it has a summary and stuff like

that. So this stuff is for the dealers to show customers

what cars feature.

So I think a little simple UI thing I could suggest over

here is say that in a sentence.

So instead of saying hot spots, how about say it like you

would tell me in real life, which is users can click on hot

spots or more info.

So you don't have to be clever about it.

In fact, a lot of times people get in trouble by being too

clever, like a committee of people that are like, we'll just

say this, it'll sound cool.

It's like, Yeah, but no one knows you're talking about.

So you're just going to click on hot spots for more info.

And then one little UI thing I would suggest.

Can you add watch this.

Let's see if we can make this happen in Google drawings right

here. Delete that.

So one thing, I'm going to add a Google drawing and Let's

see how much easier this would be to understand.

And I'm just going to add mouse point dirt S or PNV.


So just kind of like mouse button or something like that.

If you add one of those below here where it's highlighted,

I think that would show that you're supposed to click.

So there's little things in your brain that like, Okay, so

when I saw ignition and there's, like, this green thing between

sunroof and then you're showing me three things on screen,

my brain is actually processing quite a bit of stuff, right?

If you think of your brain is like how a browser renders

there's a lot of processing going on in this thing.

You might not think it because you've seen this a million

times, but as a new person, I'm a little overwhelmed.

Like, what am I looking at again?

I just don't understand it.

And so I would probably have you put some sort of thing like

this right under there to indicate, like, Oh, they click

on a mouse and the engine shows up.

So whatever's highlighted small little thing.

And then I would probably put under here engine and then

some extra detail engine view of this Dodge Ram.

Something like that because I wasn't sure which image to

look at.

In the beginning, I thought they were all pictures of engines,

and I quickly realized that the exhaust, that's the interior.

So as you click engine, it shows engine view, this Dodge

Ram. And then radio says radio of the blah, blah, blah.

I think there's little UI things you can do that will subtly

tell people what's going on here a little bit better.

We're not comprehensive reporting.


There's a guy looking at some sort of Google analytics scene

type thing.

Learn what your customer is.

This the actual screenshot of the report very more like we

launched in January.

So these are all things that are coming to fruition.

So this is what we want it to look like, but not yet.


I like this purchase that they were considered online future

cart. Cool.

I like big numbers like that.

I like the visuals.

Nice about us.

Digital Merchandising company.

You could add a couple of bullet points over here.

I don't think this is necessary.

It's just maybe if you want, because I think some of this

stuff is like, it's a little buzzwordy digital Merchandising

company that empowers dealerships to accelerate businesses

online by differentiating themselves from the competition.

Come on, that's a little bit buzzword.

I think you could use some, like, more.

So we have a I'm not even gonna tell GPP three to rewrite

that because it's just going to be more buzzword.

So started by Alexa and Bob, I'm just making this up.

20 plus years in car industry been part of Carvana CarMax,

whatever. Okay, so maybe a couple of bullet points explaining

why the company is probably better suited, highly technical

team in a non technical industry, that might be a little

too much, but basically show that there's a lot of technology

behind us, and the car industry is proven results plus increase

in sales sales for all dealerships we've worked with.

I'm making these up, of course.

So anyway, stuff like this is going to be a little bit more.

Like I said, you have to earn everything must earn its pixels.

We don't want to waste our users time because we either paid

or where it's very hard to get those eyeballs.

And so right here, this gives me some reasons why I should

buy Win 360, whereas our products are created bridge gap

between offline offline on just a little bit buzzwordy over

here. So partners integrated with.

Okay, so you got social proof at the end.

This is great.

Carfax auto check, YouTube.


And you did something that most people don't.

They put colors in their logos, which actually distract people

quite a bit and you grade them out and made them all the

same gradient.

That's actually a really smart idea.

Love that, man.

I would almost even put that higher in the page.

That's pretty important.


Okay, so Here's one thing I'm not Super sure of.

So partnered and integrated with.

I got it ready to learn more.

Okay, can we make this a little bit stronger?

This call to action.

So just remember, the main point of this sales page is I'm

assuming you get them to request a demo.


And so you took me through the whole thing.

You showed me all the demo you showed me why your team is

so awesome.

Blah, blah, blah.

I explained to these people are, and now at the end, you're,

like, ready to learn more?

It's like what's going to happen after this?

Can we make this a little bit stronger?

Any ideas on how to do that?

So maybe they can get a demo of this.

Are you going to set it up for them or what happens next?

So when they click the button, it goes to a form where they

just insert their information and we have it on the back

end where we reach out to them in order to set that up for

them. Bye.

So I would probably say my little trick isn't working as

well on the site.

Ready to install interactive listings on your site.

Let's talk.

And then you have the request demo quest A 15 do a lot of

times if you're a little bit more specific, that can help.

I don't think in this case for the B to B world, which is

definitely B to B, people are used to filling out forms to

request a demo, so you don't have to be too clever here,

whereas B to C stuff, consumer things.

You have to be a little more clever, but request a demo is

pretty standard in the B to B industry, so you don't have

to do this, but I would just say a little bit instead of

want to learn more.

I would say ready to install interactive listings on your

site. I think that's the goal, right?

So I just be a little bit more specific on that.

Not a huge deal.

And then also.

So you always want to try to bribe people as best you can.

Are you already taking demos and stuff like that?

So is there anything cool you do or do you just give them

a presentation or do you mock up their website or anything

like that?

The demo often right after the demo, it comes with a proposal

so they can kind of see what their VDP or vehicle description

page. When you go to a car dealership website, what you see,

we kind of mock that up and show them what that will look

like with spin versus being static with static images.

So we'll we'll show them.

That just kind of like what the difference is with motion?

I don't know.

I remember what you said.

I think for your so basically, Here's what I noticed with

all these sales calls.

A lot of times, they'll have this great sales person that

goes and does all this work, and they don't even tell you

that you're going to get that.

So I would love if I'm a dealership.


Mock up my stuff.

You're doing free work for me?

Hell Yeah, I'll take that.

So you could say on this quick demo we will cover.

You don't have to do this.

It's just kind of an option.

We'll cover pricing for your dealership, give a demo of how

easy it is to install, maintain and upload saying for your

new dealership will mock up site, maybe three to 5 things.

Usually three.

Kind of the rule of three is kind of nice.

Three to 5 things.

You don't have to do a million things, but already on this

quick demo, how you're going to do all this?

Do a mock up.

You'll calculate how much more extra money they can make.

I mean, this is a pretty valuable service.

So for a free call, I get all this.

That's kind of cool, right?

Thank you.

Well, awesome.

Cool little industry.

That's really cool.

Good luck with that.

That looks pretty promising.

I love little things like that that are not Super obvious.

Thank you both so much.


Thanks, Alexa.

I'm going to remove you from speakers.


And Let's wrap up here again.

Neil Medora, thank you so much for coming on.

Highly encourage you all to check out copyrighting course

com any of the other projects he's working on to check out

AppSumo, the Hustle, and all that stuff, but also Neville,

what's your Twitter handle?

So people can make sure they're following you if they're

not already.

I am Twitter saved.

So there it is right here.

Twitter com.

It's kind of fun.

We all hang out on Twitter now.

Well, the comments here.

The common theme is that we weren't able to get to nearly

as many of these as people were hoping.

So maybe we're going to have to have you come back and do

this all again.

Yeah, of course.


These are just hope, by the way, this is something we do

inside of our copyrighting course all the time.

That's why I'm so fast with them.

I think I'm passed with them, but we do this.

I literally do this every day in our forum and then every

week we have an office hours.

So I'm just tearing down people's stuff all the time.

And then.

Yeah, copy.


Definitely helped with that.

So a lot of times I don't know about you, but sometimes I

just haven't had the right mixture of caffeine in the morning,

and I'm not Super creative on a call.

And sometimes it'll just revert to copy AI to help me come

up with ideas for headlines and different angles and stuff

like that.

Also, whenever I have a thought, I'm trying to work out a

lot of times I'll put it into copy AI and sometimes it might

be garbage, but I'll give it some random input and just see

what it comes out with.

And basically it's a creative machine.

It takes different things that it's learned, put them together

and come up with new ideas.

And so copy AI for Idea Generation has been the greatest

thing ever.

Some people think that it's supposed to rewrite hold blog

posts and stuff.

I don't think GPT three are artificial intelligence is fully

there yet.

I think Bill for Idea Generation, this stuff is like a break

tectonic shift and how it works before humans were the only

thing in the known universe that could create ideas like

this. And now computer can do it.

Probably 20% go as human.

That's kind of wild, and it gets better with every iteration.

So kind of a wild thing.

These types of tools are going to be a part of your future

in the very new future.

And for reference, obviously I use copy I every day because

I'm the CMO there, but I used it for all the promotional

stuff that rough draft for this entire session and then Nevill,

help me rewrite it and make it better.

But everything's built on the Foundation of copy AI, if you're

curious, what what it kind of looks like you got some good

glimpses into that today, and we're going to keep doing more

and more of these trainings.

But nebble, this one was fantastic.

And I would love to do something like this again real soon.

So I'll be reaching out.

And thanks for everybody to no again, everybody.


Everyone in and taking the feedback by chance.

Yeah, it's tough to do that Reminding Session.

Now and everybody have a great day.

This will be recorded and made live on YouTube within the

next few days.

Awesome see, everybody.