CopyAI: The Basics

Welcome to CopyAI! Built on top of the world’s most advanced AI language model, CopyAI is helping thousands of people turbo-charge their creativity — and blowing minds in the process.

Getting Started Tutorial

Let's create a new set of product descriptions for the SnapCollar, a dog collar that's easy to use when you go for a run 🏃🏽‍♀️ with your pup 🐶.
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Step 1: Create a project

We'll name our new project "Dog Collars" and choose the Friendly tone. We'll skip over the website name for now.
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Step 2: Select Copy Type

Next we'll select the Product Description tool.
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To unlock your copy.ai superpowers, you'll need to learn the art of writing descriptions that generate the mind-blowing 🤯 results everyone’s talking about.

Step 3: Describe the Product

We'll name the product "SnapCollar" and enter a description.
Let's start with "a dog collar that's easy to use when you go for a run with your pup" as the description to see what happens when we keep it simple.
Then we'll click the "Create" button. In a few seconds, 7 marketing copy ideas will be displayed below and automatically sorted by relevance (better results at the top).
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Step 4: Review, Save and Edit Results

You can save the copy you like to your campaign by clicking the save button next to each copy result.
You can also edit the copy results by clicking into the text box and making your edits directly.
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Step 5: View Saved Results or Copy It Into the Editor

Click the "Saved" button to see all your saved copy together in one place.
On the View Saved tab, you'll see all of your saved copy in one place. You can still make edits to the text directly on the page.

Need longer form generations? Check out these videos:

If you're still struggling to create great copy, email us at chris@copy.ai 💌